New Dynamic for French Musicians: Conquering the International Public

Eager for the reopening of opera houses, shows and concert revivals, several musicians of French origin are turning to audiences in Europe and Asia. Was this decision successful? Which artists are we really talking about? More edification in this article.

Why this choice?

The music industry is currently being decimated by falling revenues, falling investment rates, and forced cancellation of tours. Situations caused by the corona virus. For months now, the venues hosting various events have been closed. French artists, thirsting for the warmth of the public, have been gradually rushing to other countries. Thus the audiences of Moscow (Russia), Madrid and Bilbao (Spain) and Hong Kong are targeted. It is important to mention that, provided that the measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are strictly respected, concerts are authorised in these nations.

Some names that have already travelled

Spain given the geographical proximity is the nation that welcomes more, French artists decided to conquer the public. Numerous concerts are therefore planned in the coming weeks. In addition, Adrien La Marca will make his return to the stage with performances on the 27th and 28th of this month in Hong Kong. Like all foreigners, he spent 3 weeks in isolation as a precaution. He has made it known via social networks that he is eager to get on stage and satisfy the yearning of the fans, the public in general. In addition, the pianists Lucas Debargue and Alexandre Kantorow travelled to Moscow. They held concerts always respecting the serious procedures against the spread of the pandemic. Then in St. Petersburg, they also found the Russian public, far from the padlocks that had been attached to the doors of French concert halls for months. Finally, Sabine Devieilhe, a soprano of French origin, also gave a concert in Madrid four months ago. She hopes, like other players in the local music scene, that the halls will be open again.

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