What was special about the recent Grammy Awards?

After the conception of the Covid-19 vaccine, several previously postponed events were held across the planet. The Grammy Awards, with its special touch at this year's event, has made its mark in a concept of racism that has gained momentum. What is it really about? The elements of answers in the continuation of this article.

Why such changes?

The racism that hit South Africa hardest with apartheid continues to victimise. Despite the reputation of the United States as a democracy deplorable scenes of racial segregation are observed in this country. The latest horrific scene cost Georges Floyd his life in inhumane conditions. An African-American man was killed for no reason, by asphyxiation by a white policeman. Many people are speaking out against this situation. In the United States, the Grammy Awards were held, which were marked by a particularity.

Awards to artists of African origin

Thus are awarded like many other music celebrities from the black continent, the Nigerian duo Burna Boys and the talented Wizkid. The best R&B style was also awarded to the author of the song "Black Parade" for its release on 19 June, the day on which Americans celebrate the abolition of slavery. In addition, Lil Baby, dressed in black, took over the scenario that led to the death of the late George Floyd, and performed his own song "The Bigger Picture". "I can't breathe", the words of George Floyd when he died for reasons mentioned above, performed on stage, was chosen by the jury as "song of the year 2021". A special touch during this emotional ceremony was the speech of "Tamika Mallory", an activist who demands justice for this crime. Not forgetting the Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo who addressed her words of gratitude to Wizkid and Burna Boys. All in all, several African-Americans were rewarded apart from the award for "Best Music Album on the Planet" given to "Taylor Swift".