University of California Covid-19 mask design: what to know about it?

Long deprived of daily activities, humans are working to mitigate the consequences of the corona virus crisis. Innovations are being made to resume musical activities without major risks. What is the University of California's response? More edification in the continuation of this article.

What pushed for such a feat and what is the musicians' point of view?

These masks are the result of a long and close collaboration between (customary) actors of the San Francisco State Opera in the United States and its department dealing with health issues. The masks, called "Lyric", are the result of the determination of Ms Sanziana Roman, a former soprano who teaches medicine at the University of San Francisco and is admired by many musical actors. Like many other great celebrities, Anne-Marie MacIntosh, a Canadian-born soprano, is pleased with this feat. She reassures us that percussionists, violinists and harpists can use it without fear during rehearsals. So what are the aspects that make the "lyrical mask" special?

Great services to the world of music

This mask is composed of materials according to the costume designers, who always cohabit them. They are indeed designed so that there is no contact with the singers' noses and mouths. With this mask, there is no escape from possible aerosols, the opposite of which can lead to contamination. A section is attached to the mask so that the singer can refresh himself during his performance. These masks will soon replace the classic ones that disturb the wearers. They are also equipped with effective protective layers as seen in surgical masks. A similarity with FFP2 models is also noticed. High-quality production can be expected in the coming weeks, so that other sectors besides music will benefit. We can therefore expect good days for operas, shows and concerts.

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