The new dimension of Moroccan rap: what to know about it?

Little known, and limited by several factors, Moroccan rap has taken on an international dimension. What is at the root of this influence? Who are the main actors who ensure this new momentum? The rest of this article will shed light on these questions.

The sources of motivation that led to this influence

Although limited by structures inadequate to a probable success, Moroccan rap is undergoing a real revolution. New, very talented young artists are invading the pop scene. They are inspired by the prowess of their Algerian brothers as well as American celebrities whose talent is no longer in question. Motivated by the sexual discrimination against women, in this case female rappers, new women are using rap to make themselves heard. Social networks and various platforms are propelling Moroccan rap on a continental and global scale.

Youth and pure talent are on the agenda

"El Grande Toto", whose real name is Taha Fahssi, himself an actor, praises national rap. He has indeed climbed the ladder quickly thanks to the visibility provided by YouTube and Spotify. With 1,700,000,000 subscribers on his channel, his latest hit is viewed by 186,000,000 internet users. Other talented youngsters such as Dollypran, Issam nicknamed "prince of trap", Snor form in addition to "Toto" a golden generation that makes Morocco proud in terms of rap. As mentioned above, several talented female rappers are also making a name for themselves in Morocco and around the world. These are Khtek and Krtas Nssa, who, thanks to rap, are fighting against the misogyny that is widespread on digital platforms. Finally, 25-year-old Show Flake says she is no longer affected by the criticism of female rappers. She also contributes to the propulsion of national rap on the roof of the Maghreb region.